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Daily 8

Daily 8

Your daily habit of movement

8 minutes can change your life! These 8-minute mobility and stability routines focus on helping you feel great while managing and preventing injury. Users can choose from three Levels of Intensity that match their comfort level and experience.

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Sleep Preparation

Wake fully rested

Develop a 8-minute restorative nighttime routine that will have you waking up refreshed. Our guided stretches and breathing techniques ease the body and mind into a relaxed (parasympathetic) state, better preparing you for a deeper sleep.

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Mental Health

Mind Recharge

Take a moment
to unwind

Manipulating your nervous system with simple breathing exercises is a proven tool for managing our mental health. These 30-90 second routines can be done from anywhere with no equipment needed, they just require your focus. Follow along and learn how you can upregulate or downregulate yourself just from breathing. It’s a powerful tool you can use for numerous benefits including preparation, energy boosts, stress management and more!

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Movement Snacks

Do more than just stand

Our bodies get tight and achy due to prolonged sitting at work, while commuting, and even when relaxing at home. These two minute sessions can be done throughout the day to loosen up your body and give you a boost of energy. More importantly, regular Movement Snacks create an environment that supports the body’s physical, physiological, and psychological responses. In this case, snack all day!

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Fight back against aging

Research shows muscle mass decreases approximately 3–8% per decade after the age of 30. Strength and resistance training is one of the most powerful and effective tools we have to curb aging. Our Strength classes thoughtfully build and maintain your physical capacity with both bodyweight and weighted movements.

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The power of movement training

Get your entire body moving better than ever. These 30- and 50-minute sessions flow through a specific sequence of BLOCKs that build an incredible foundation of mobility, strength, and coordination. We focus on compound movements that better prepare you for the unpredictable ways life demands.

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Prepare and recover from greatness

With sessions developed by the same trainers who kept Steve Nash nimble for a 30 year career, our 5-8 minute sport-specific warm-up and recovery sessions will enhance your performance and minimize injury risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.
What is healthspan?

Healthspan is the length of time you spend in good health, between birth and end of life, often referred to as quality of life. We often think about our lifespan (how long we’ll live), but here at BLOCK, we aim to help you extend your healthspan.

Research shows us that our daily lifestyle choices significantly impact our quality of life.  BLOCK delivers easy-to-use routines that can be easily added to your daily schedule. These routines impact the 5 areas of life with the greatest impact on healthspan: Sleep, Mental Health, Nutrition, Social Interaction, and Movement. By making small progressions in each of these categories, you are scientifically more likely to extend the years of your healthspan.

How do I use BLOCK?

BLOCK is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing daily schedule. Everyday, users are given a menu of suggested classes that have been personalized to their profile. This optimization supports individuals who want to meet their personal goals with confidence that they are progressing safely and effectively. Users can also search for specific classes as needed.

Our routines can be done at any time of the day while at home, in the office, or outside. For a better experience, cast to any device with Google Cast, Chromecast, or Apple AirPlay enabled.

Who is BLOCK for?

Regardless of age or ability, the BLOCK App is perfect for anyone interested in extending their quality of life through healthy habits.

We recommend that anyone interested in our Movement Training sessions start with our 8-minute mobility and stability routine, known as the Daily 8. This low-impact routine introduces the basics of our movement philosophy and flows through the first two BLOCKs you find in our six-BLOCK Workouts. Move on up through our three Levels of Intensity as you gain more confidence.

What equipment do I need?

We do not require any equipment for the majority of BLOCK’s daily routines.

Users are encouraged to dress comfortably for our Sleep Prep routines and have easy access to water, a towel, and a soft surface (such as a yoga mat or carpet).

Our Mind Recharges are often done seated or standing near a solid surface, such as a counter or desk. When using another surface as a support, such as a chair or table, make sure any wheels have been locked and there is no danger of the support becoming unsteady.

Some of our Movement Training sessions do require dumbbells and a mobility bar. We realize you might not have access to a mobility bar. If this is the case, below are quick and easy options that vary depending on the user's personal preference.

  • Free Option: A broomstick with the top screwed off serves as an excellent alternative.
  • Inexpensive Option: A simple PVC pipe from your local hardware store works great as a DIY mobility bar. We recommend you get one that is 5’ long and 1’ diameter. Individuals taller than 6’ may consider getting a pipe that is between 5’ and 6’ in length. Feel free to get rubber caps on the ends for added flair.
  • Made for the job: If you want something specifically made for this purpose and ready to ship, we suggest either this option from Rogue, or this one from Technogym.
When I started out, I was just concerned with adding mobility. But now, hearing about healthspan everyday, I realize that I want to be in my 60s, 70s, even 80s and living a full life.
This is my first time working out, or doing any kind of training. The exercises are super fun, and fairly easy for a beginner. They are quite different than what you imagine in a workout app.