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Elevate Your Workforce's Health and Wellness

Support your employees in improving their daily well-being with straightforward home or office routines.

Empowering Change for All

Research reveals a widespread challenge: many of us aren't living well. However, the deluge of information available can make it overwhelming to make the right changes or even know what those changes should be. Our platform is committed to reaching every individual and offering an accessible pathway to wellness.

  • Stress Impact: Job stress costs U.S. companies $300+ billion yearly in health care, lost productivity, and turnover.
  • Retention, Well-Being, and Savings: High employee engagement lowers turnover rates by 59% and reduces the cost of replacing employees, which usually amounts to 2x the former employee’s annual salary.
  • Rising Healthcare Costs for Employers: Employers expect a 7% median increase in healthcare costs for 2024 on top of the 70% of the average annual healthcare cost per employee they already cover.
  • Cost of Absenteeism: Unscheduled absenteeism, including days for mental health and physical illness, costs about $2,660 per employee annually.
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Investing the right way

Your daily lifestyle choices significantly impact your quality of life.  BLOCK delivers easy-to-use routines that impact the 5 areas of life that have the greatest impact on healthspan: Sleep, Mental Health, Nutrition, Social Interaction, and Movement. 

Employees are given a daily menu of suggested classes that have been personalized to optimize their health and progress. Users can also search for specific classes as needed.

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Highlighting success

BLOCK offers several features to help engage your office with our platform. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing 12-week participation-based challenge
  • Attending town halls or special events that introduce BLOCK
  • Providing short videos with health tips from our experts
  • Filming employees or leadership for internal marketing
  • Providing copy for internal communications (newsletters, email announcements, etc.
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When I started out, I was just concerned with adding mobility. But now, hearing about healthspan everyday, I realize that I want to be in my 60s, 70s, even 80s and living a full life.
This is my first time working out, or doing any kind of training. The exercises are super fun, and fairly easy for a beginner. They are quite different than what you imagine in a workout app.