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Take control
of your healthspan

Your healthspan is the time of your life where you are healthy and free of chronic disease. Extend these years with simple routines and sustainable habits.

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Work Smarter,
Not Harder.

Boost your health with positive habits. Let our experts guide you through science-based routines that start small and progress at your pace.


Move better with daily movement training sessions that make you feel more confident, gain more strength, and enjoy more freedom.

Mental Health

Manipulating your nervous system with simple breathing exercises is a proven tool for managing our mental health. Take a moment—or two—for yourself to recharge throughout the day with these simple breaks.


Restore your body and mind with quality sleep. Start a calming nighttime routine to feel your best tomorrow.

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Meet Our Expert Team

We combine today’s leading science with real-world experience
Dr. Rick Celebrini
Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Sciences
Steve Nash
Founder & NBA Hall of Famer
Yohei Arakaki
Masters in Kinesiology
When I started out, I was just concerned with adding mobility. But now, hearing about healthspan everyday, I realize that I want to be in my 60s, 70s, even 80s and living a full life.
This is my first time working out, or doing any kind of training. The exercises are super fun, and fairly easy for a beginner. They are quite different than what you imagine in a workout app.